“ENDAW” means “charming” and “meant to be” in Taiwanese. It also means “source,” where it all begins. Endaw Manufacture was found in 2015, where we gather top designers in Taiwan, striving to create products that are simply right. It is what it is when an instrument just lies on the shelf in the store, but when it becomes a possession, there is music, warmth, and there is a spark. With your creativity, we are most excited about what can and is about to be ignited!



Kirin Lam

Singer/Guitar man/

CEO of ENDAW, Ukulele Lover


Yalun Lee

Industrial designer/Small forward

3 time MVP, 4 times All-Star, Defensive Player Of The Year


Jr Lian


12-year Metal-coating Specialist


Sloan Shiu

80 rock GT player/ Cat enthusiast

Founder of CATFORCE, Co-founder of CFD CABLE, Circuit Designer, Expert Welder, 9-year Experience


Ether Kur Ker

Punk Vo&Gt/Graphic designer

Co-founder of CFD Cable, 9-year Veteran in repairing, designing, and welding