CatForce PowerFactory 5 JR

Super-mini power supply with portable charger support


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Refined circuit design. Mini-sized power revolution!


  • Voltage output: 9V DC (5 outputs; Maximum output current 3000mA (varied by settings))
  • Portable charger support. Clean tone equivalent to battery run power.
  • Can be used with Portable Charger Cable along with regular phone chargers (5V DC)
  • Power up to 10 pedals


-Size:9cm * 4cm * 3cm

-Maximum output current: 25Watt, 3000mA

-Output:9VDC X 5

-5 DC Cables (Negative Tip), 5 Extension Cables, Portable Charger Cable, 100-220V AC Adapter included

*certain pedals are designed with different electrical potential, which may not be used with this product. Isolated power supply (PF7) is recommended

* 10000mA(or higher) , 5V 2A(or higher) output portable charger recommended

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 7 cm