JO-ONE Buffer & Booster

Always reliable as the first pedal onboard


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Patchbay/ Buffer/ Booster all in one box, taking up merely 3X9cm.

Disappointed at the tone when using your pedalboard along with un-buffered cable runs? Suffering signal loss? This is where JO-ONE comes in. JO-ONE maintains the highest fidelity to your audio signals, lowering signal loss to the minimum, and comes with a booster to adjust overall volume.


  • Set as first box to be the I/O interface. Setup up quickly and easily.
  • Buffer eliminates signal loss, ensuring your tone is unchanged by your cables.
  • Crank a little boost to add signal while connected to a large number(8+) of effects.
  • Use with JO-COOL or any other channel switch pedals to turn booster on/off. Up your volume as clean boost or boost amp drive channel as gain boost.
  • How to use: Connect guitar to JO-ONE’s “in/send” to first pedal. Return from last pedal to JO-ONE. Finally, connect JO-ONE’s “out” to amp input.


-Boost: +0db ~ +13db

-BPS (Bypass Switch): 3.5mm mono phone jack

-Power Input (Trough): 9VDC~18VDC (2.1mm, Negative tip)

*When using one jack be Power Input, the opposite jack can be using as Power Trough to supply other pedal.

Dimension:9 cm X 3 cm X 3 cm (L x W x H)




Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 5 cm